Wisconsin Phone Number Lookup

Wisconsin Area Codes and Their Locations

The area codes in Wisconsin represent the different geographical locations under which phone numbers are assigned. Knowing these area codes is a good way to sift through the calls you receive for those that seem suspicious. Wisconsin residents can also identify unknown callers by searching their numbers using reverse phone lookup services.

Listed below are the area codes in Wisconsin and the locations they represent:

262 - Location 608 - Location 920 - Location
274 - Location 715 - Location
414 - Location 543 - Location

Who Controls Wisconsin Area Codes?

Control of area codes in Wisconsin falls to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. They implement and maintain area codes allocated to the state. Overlaying area codes happens when existing areas are unable to keep up with the demand for new phone numbers.

Where is Area Code 414?

Area code 414 is one of Wisconsin’s first two area codes. Currently, it covers Milwaukee County as well as some areas on the outskirts of Milwaukee County.

Where is Area Code 715?

Area code 715 is the second of Wisconsin’s first two area codes. It now covers northern Wisconsin, which includes Eau Claire, Superior, and Wausau counties.

Where is Area Code 608?

Area code 618 was created in 1955 in a split from 715. It covers the whole of southwestern Wisconsin

Where is Area Code 920?

Area code 920 went into service in 1997 after being split from area code 414. It covers eastern Wisconsin which includes the cities of Green Bay, Sheboygan, and Manitowoc.

Where is Area Code 262?

Area code 262 was created in 1999 after being split from 414. It covers southeastern Wisconsin, with the exception of Milwaukee County and its outlying areas.

Where is Area Code 534?

Area Code 534 was created as an overlay for area code 715 in 2010. It covers northern Wisconsin, which includes Eau Claire, Superior, and Wausau counties.